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Classic papers

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    Where can all the classic papers by the experimentalists that layed the foundation for nuclear physics be found?:confused:

    Rutherford, joliot-curie, fermi, lawrence, Hahn ect.
    Im very interested in reading exactly how they setup there experiments, the conclusions they drew and so on.
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    there is a russian site having translations (to english) of the earlier papers. You can find Dirac papers in the Royal Society journals, free until december, and surely a bunch of references to experimentalists there. You can find old french and european journals for free in Gallica.

    I do not remember the links. You could try the "online" tag in physcomments.org
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    Thanks :) Il try there
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    Hans de Vries

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    Still the best work to study the Dirac equation are the papers in
    which Dirac introduced it:

    The Quantum Theory of the Electron.
    vol 117, 1 February 1928, pp.610-24
    The Quantum Theory of the Electron II
    vol 118, 1 March 1928, pp. 351-61

    Dirac's start in quantum mechanics is where he, after reading
    Heisenberg's paper on Matrix mechanics, introduces the Poisson
    brackets from classical dynamics into quantum mechanics:

    The fundamental equations of quantum mechanics.
    vol 109, 1 December 1925, pp. 642-53

    Hard to read without Heisenberg's work though. One might use:
    The physical interpretation of the quantum theory:
    for this, see the appendix (which is half the book)

    Other famous Dirac papers where published elsewhere:
    The lagrangian in Quantum Mechanics:
    Physikalische Zeitschrift der Sowjetunion, vol 3, n0.1, pp 64-72
    The theory of magnetic poles:
    The Physical Review, vol 74, no.7, 1 October 1948, pp. 817-30

    Regards, Hans
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    Classic Papers:

    Search here by author for European classics (I've seen papers by Lorentz, Curie, Arrhenius, van der Waals, de Haas, Onnes, Zeeman)
    http://www.knaw.nl/cfdata/digital_library/output/proceedings/works.cfm [Broken]
    (thanks to Astronuc for that reference)

    For another 18 days, the Royal Society's digital archive is FREE!
    http://www.journals.royalsoc.ac.uk/(yuvxwsm1u4troaijxznq4x45)/app/home/main.asp?referrer=default [Broken]

    Interviews and citations for PRL's Top Ten

    Physical Review gave free access to a collection of classics during their centennial, a couple years ago (Zz linked it in a thread here). I think that access has since been closed down.
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