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Classical Electrodynamics

  1. Mar 26, 2007 #1
    The short version:I'm taking Classical electrodynamics this semester, I found out that I have this book:
    Classical Electrodynamics by J.D.Jackson
    Anyone know this book?Would it be a good choice to help me study?
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    Yes, many folks have studied from this text... some with fond memories.. others, not so fond.
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    It's one of those texts that can be either good or bad, but you're probably stuck with it since it's so widely used.

    From my experience with the text, I can safely say that it's not made for self-study. You will find yourself often looking to outside resources for clarification on certain derivations/concepts that Jackson omits. Also, some of the problems are very difficult (but that's what this forum is for, right? :biggrin:)
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    I'm not really stuck with it, I just have it...
    It's not for self study, Like I said I just started taking the courses and saw that I have this Book..
    My late uncle was a science book collector, in his library there is a few thousand books raging from biology to particle physics(I don't know why he collected them)anyway they are all mine(stuff related to physics), I'll see if I find other books on the same subject..
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    Er.. if you are just starting to learn E&M, that book is not something you want to use. All the stuff you learn in undergraduate electrostatics is compressed into Jackson's Introduction! So it is not a good book to start learning E&M from. Jackson's book tends to be used in graduate level E&M courses.

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