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Homework Help: Classical mechaincs question

  1. Mar 10, 2006 #1
    Hi all,

    Was given a question which went like this:

    Consider a closed mechanical system described by s generalized coordinates qi. How many additive integrals of motions exist for this system?

    I'm not quite sure exactly what is meant by this. I know that there are 2s-1 integrals for this closed system, but how do I go about finding out how many additive integrals there are. I also know that there are 7 additive integrals important to classical mechanics, energy, and the 3 components of momentum, and 3 of angular momentum. So is the answer just 7, or is there something I've missed?

    Thanks for any help
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  3. Mar 11, 2006 #2
    That should read:

    'I know that there are 2s-1 independant integrals for this closed system'
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