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Classical mechanics problem books

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    Anybody have any recommendations for classical mechanics
    textbooks at the intermediate and/or advanced level, besides
    the popular ones like Marion & Thornton, Goldstein, Symon,
    Arnold, or any of the schaum's outlines or dover books on

    What I have in mind is some textbook that has a lot of
    medium and difficult problems to work out, or a book that is
    a huge compilation of problems of this sort. (I don't care
    whether there's any answers/solutions at the back of the
    book. In fact I actually prefer that it didn't have any
    answers at the back of the book.)
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    Try these...

    A collection of problems of mechanics (QA809 .M4313 1965)
    By: I V Meshcherskii , Publisher: New York, Macmillan, 1965.

    Collection of problems in classical mechanics (QA809 .K6813 1971)
    By: G L Kotkin; V G Serbo , Publisher: Oxford, New York, Pergamon Press [1971]
    ISBN: 0080158439

    Problems in undergraduate physics.
    By: S P Strelkov; V L Ginzburg , Publisher: Oxford, New York, Pergamon Press [1965]

    Problems and solutions on mechanics (QA809 .P76 1994)
    By: Yung-kuo Lim , Publisher: Singapore ; [River Edge], N.J. : World Scientific, ©1994.
    ISBN: 981021295X 9810212984

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    You can try some books which I used to use for my IIT(Indian Institute of Technologies)-JEE exam...They have some pretty good problems.

    1)Problems in physics-Irodov-Mir Publishers
    2)Mechanics vol-1&2-Arihanth Publications
    3)Beer and Jhonston(dynamics)-I am not sure of publishers...Proly,Tata-McGraw Hill.
    4)Irving Shames
    5)Halliday,Resnick&Walker-It is a very simple book,but worth trying.

    Well,I am not sure of what kind's of problems you are given at school..So Check them out throughly.Oh..Btw,these books don't have verygood theory(Except Halliday) & they don't have many illustrations.
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