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Classical mechanics text

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    I'm looking for a good classical mechanics text for self study, roughly around my level.

    So far I've taken courses in calculus based physics courses, ( first year mechanics and E&M )
    multi-variable calculus, ODE's and linear algebra. I have self taught myself real analysis, and a little bit of PDE's.

    I've heard that Goldstein is good but I was wondering if there are better books on the subject.
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    Landau and Lifgarbagez's "Mechanics" (Course of Theoretical Physics Vol. I) is the best introduction to advanced mechanics.
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    There are no best, you just pick one or two or three, and by induction get to countable many of them.

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    Andy Resnick

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    L&L and Goldstein present classical mechanics in a framework that mainly prepares the reader for quantum mechanics. Symon's text is for advanced undergrads and has an incredible number of excellent problem sets.

    For elasticity and the mechanics of continua, a couple of suggestions are Segel's "Mathematics applied to continuum mechanics" or Truesdell's chapters in The Handbook of Physics- 'The Classical Field Theories' is the one to finish with after Segel. L&L has a couple of relevant volumes also- #7 and #8.
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