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Homework Help: Classical Mechanics

  1. Jul 21, 2008 #1
    Hi, If these questions have been asked before, then please point me in the right direction.

    1) Find the Mass of an object that is suspended by two strings. The tension on String one is 34 N and is held at a 40 degree angle with the horizontal (i.e., if a line was drawn through the center of the object, string one would form 40 degree angle between the vertical line and the horizontal). The tension in string 2 is 24 N and the angle is unknown.

    2) Find the tension of a string that is parallel to the horizontal. The end of the string is attached to ANOTHER string, that creates a 60 degree angle with the horizontal. both strings are carying a 2 KG object at the point of connection
                         |    /
                         |   /
                         |  /            
    ----------------  | /             <-------------------60 degree angle and this point
    3)3 masses of mass M, 2M and 3M, are attached on a frictionless surface, look like this:

    <--------2F---[M]---2----[ 2M ]----1---[ 3M ]------3F---->

    if F= 12N what is the tension in string 1
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    Ques 1, the string (34n) forms a 40 degree angle with the vertical line. the veritcal line that is drawn from the horizontal above, through the suspended mass.
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