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Classify Cam-Follower pair in Cam-follower mechanism as ?

  1. Open pair[Nature of Contact Basis]

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  2. Successfully constrained[Nature of Motion Basis]

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  3. Ambiguous...

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  1. Jun 7, 2009 #1
    Classify Cam-Follower pair in Cam-follower mechanism as....??

    Hi guys...
    Just want to hear your views on the following case,I havent reached any conclusion as of now...
    I think its better if mny ppl contribute thier views abt this..

    Here is the question:[Deals with Theory of Machines]

    Consider a Cam mechanism...
    Now consider the "Cam" link & "Follower" link.
    Based on classification criteria it is generally classified on the basis of "Nature of Contact"..as "open pair"
    lets now go to Classifiction based on "Nature of motion"...can we classify it as "Successfully constrained"??Plz give

    detailed reasoning for this part..its v.imp for me...
    If u did classify it as "successfully constrained"..continue...
    Now consider situation where ur given both the above choices for classification...Which 1 u go for preferably and Why??
    Plz share ur views...
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