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Clause simplification

  1. Jul 17, 2005 #1
    Hi everyone,
    how can I simplify this clause to remove parenthesis:

    (A' or B) and (B' or A) ?

    thanks in advance.

    ps: iff is not allowed :frown:
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    What are A and B? Is this logic, set theory, probability, ??
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    A and B are "literals" as the book refers to them or n-ary predicates.
    Sorry, should have specified: it's First Order Predicate Calculus. This isn't really an excersize. It's just that I saw that logical equivalence
    A <=> B
    can be rewritten as: (A -> B) and (B -> A);
    further, implications (A -> B) are rewritten as: A' or B;
    so if i rewrite the logical equivalence i get: (A' or B) and (B' or A)
    but i was wondering if it was possible to further simplify this clause :confused:
    [edit] i know how to apply distributive laws in cases like this:
    (A and B) or C
    or similar, but not sure how that might work in clause with 4 predicates [/edit]
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    What do you mean by "simplify"? It seems to me that A <-> B is the simplest form. You could write it as (A and B) or (A' and B')
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    well, just was curios, that's all....

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