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Claw hammer

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    A claw hammer is used to pull a nail out of a board. The nail is at an angle of 60 degrees to the board, and a force F1 of magnitude 500 N applied to the nail is required to pull it from the board. The hammer head contacts the board at point A, which is 0.080 m from where the nail enters the board. A horizontal force F2 is applied to the hammer handle at a distance of 0.300 m above the board.

    What magnitude of force F2 is required to apply the required 500-N force F1 to the nail? (You can ignore the weight of the hammer.)

    ** By Newton's third law the force the hammer applies to the nail is equal in magnitude and opposite in direction to the force the nail applies to the hammer. There are two opposing torques on the hammer. I assume there’s no angular acceleration; just How do I determine the perpendicular distance to point A from F1.
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    Did you draw a free-body diagram? What forces are acting on that nail?
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    how much force (in pounds) on average does it take for a claw hammer to extract a nail
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