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Clay Math Navier-Stokes problem solved

  1. Jul 23, 2010 #1
    The solution is published in the peer-reviewed journal Electronic Journal of Differential Equations http://ejde.math.txstate.edu article EJDE Vol. 2010(2010), No. 93, pp. 1-14.
    This article solves the problem that is posed by Fefferman and formulated as Statement D. Fefferman does not require pressure to be periodic and does not exclude a feed-back force as
    the external force. Thus, it is possible to give an explicit blow-up solution that fills all conditions required in Statement D. Is it possible to recover the "original" problem with a small modification? Firstly, there are many modifications needed to render the presented proof is invalid, so not by a small modification. Secondly, nobody knows what should be the original
    problem: this is a problem first formulated precisely by Fefferman. Lastly, if you pose a problem for million bugs, you are kind of expected to check that you have formulated the problem that you want to be solved. The solution is elementary but it was not easy to find. There was a strong but incorrect belief in the field of PDE that the solutions were unique under the stated initial conditions, so the solutions with non-periodic pressure were unexpected as was the
    possibility of choosing one solution with a feed-back force with zero value.
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