Cleaning mustard from steel

  1. Hello;

    I have a strange practical issue. I picked up a steel barrel which was used to store dijon mustard. I intend to use the steel to fashion a hood for a small rivet forge. But, although the barrel has been cleaned, it still has a very strong smell.

    My question is: how can the mustard smell be neutralized? and, what would be the best way to prepare the steel?

    Googling the subject did not produce much, I did run across a home remedy site which suggested liquid glycerin for removing mustard stains from clothes. So I wonder if cleaning with glycerin and coating with stove black would make sense?

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    Bleach perhaps? But it can corrode the steel, so be careful.
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    Is that smell something like vinegar? Mustard by itself has almost no odor. Try a throrough wash/scrub with a bicarb solution.
  5. Put an opened box of baking soda in it. :)
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