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Clear Acrylic CD-ROM covers?

  1. Jan 4, 2008 #1
    I'm planning to build a new rig and I want most of my components to be clear. Does anyone have any info on where I can get cd-roms with a clear casing and floppy drives with a clear cover also? I've actually found a psu with a clear casing so I'm sure there's other components such as cd-roms. I've also found a mouse and a keyboard. Thanx In Advance!!!
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    I would have thought a clear CDROM drive is unlikely.
    The laser in a CD is quite bright, to make the equipement Class I ( ie. eyesafe) you have to ensure that the user cannot see the laser.
    In theory you could make it out of a plastic that absorbed 905nm while transmitting visible but that would be very expensive and you would have a job persuading the certifiction authorities.

    Do you want a floppy drive these days?
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    Damn! I didn't even think about that. The laser is pretty hazardous. Well, I figured a clear case was possible because they sell the front bezels for the cd-roms. You are also right about the floppy drives. LOL!
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