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Clearance with centripetal force relationship to freq, radius, and mass.

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    I was doing a lab in which i had a string passing through a glass tube, on one end we had washers while on the other end we had a rubber stopper. Now i understand that the washer will have force of gravity on them which will create tension which will be the centripetal force. So when i begin adding washers the force of gravity increases and so does the centripetal force while the radius remains constant. This obviously means that the frequency must increase!

    Now here is where my understanding problem comes in. If i add another stopper meaning increase the mass of the object in uniform circular motion while the radius, and mass of washers ind the frequency is constant what will happen? Will centripetal force increase, is it no longer constant? but centripetal force is due to tension which is due to washers mass experiencing gravity! will it grow? if so why?
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