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Clipper circuit problem

  1. Jul 7, 2006 #1
    # Could anyone please tell me whether the output waveform is right or not? In the diagram, solid lines indicate the period during which output is obtained and the dotted lines indicate the period during which no output is obtained. D1 is an ideal diode.

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    Your answer doesn't look right to me. When you have the diode nosing into the 10V supply, what voltage is the maximum you can have at the diode's anode? (Call the - terminal of the supply ground.)

    Assume that the impedance of a forward-biased diode is low, and the impedance of a reverse-biased diode is high. And assume that the forward voltage drop is about 0.7V for the diode. What will be the positive clamp voltage? Will there be any negative clamp voltage?
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