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Clock degrees homework

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    If an hour hand moves 1/60th of a degree each minute how many degerees will it move in one hour?
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    Is that a question for YOU or for US???If it's for you,then tell us your opinion so that we can compare it with ours...

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    It moves 1/60 a degree in a minute.

    You want to find out how far it moves in an hour.

    How many minutes in an hour?
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    If it moves 1/60 degree x 60 minutes= 1 degree in an hour, then how can it move 360 degrees in 12 hours?
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    Then how many degrees does the hour hand really move in one hour?
    I say 30.
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    ballpienhammer: Then how many degrees does the hour hand really move in one hour?
    I say 30.

    Sure, because we just multiply 30 x12 =360, one complete revolution.
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    So, the hour hand moves 1/2 degree in an hour, not 1/60th.

    Sounds like it was a trick question designed to get you chasing red herrings.
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    Not intentionally. The Q was/is part of an online

    fun-quiz called "Test for Dementia". Their answer was 1&#176, which I felt was off base.(No pun intended.) Thanks all. bph
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