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Clock postulate calculations?

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    Let me start by saying I most likly have no idea what I am doing. Also, that I realize the factor by which the moveing clock differs from the stationary one will be very very small. Sorry if this belongs in the math fourm, i thought it might require physics knowledge.

    What I'm having problems with is the systems of measurement and how they work together.

    gamma = sqrt(1-v^2)
    v relitive to the speed of light.
    60 Miles per hour = 26.8224 Meters per second
    26.8224/299792458 = 8.946989587×10^-8(m/s)/c
    (8.946989587×10^-8)^2 = 8.00486227x10^-15
    1-8.00486227x10^-15 = 2.00486227x10^-15
    sqrt(2.00486227x10^-15) = 4.477568838x10^-8
    gamma = 4.477568838x10^-8

    And now I'm totaly lost.
    How is time measured? What do I multiply gamma with to get an actual # of how much of a second the clock is off?

    and/or do I have no idea what I am doing?
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    This step is incorrect. It should be 1000000000000000x10^-15 - 8.00486227x10^-15 = 999999999999992x10^-15 which is almost 1.
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