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Homework Help: Clock Power Problem

  1. Oct 16, 2005 #1
    A grandfather clock is powered by the descent of a 4.00 kg weight.
    If the weight descends through a distance of 0.750 m in 3.00 days, how much power does it deliver to the clock?
    I used my equations...
    therefore P = (F*d)/t
    m=4.00 kg
    a=1.116x10^-11 ????
    therefore F=4.465x10^-11 ????
    d=.75 meters
    t=259200 seconds
    P= 1.292x10^-16 ???
    This is obviously not right to me.... but on the force i know its net but where along the way do i find the net force accting upon the clock.... if i can figure out F in the equation then i will have the answer... help...
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    Where did you get that value for a? The rest is great, but you should rethink what is accelerating the 4kg weight.
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