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Cloned: Ikariam Review

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    A second review can be found here: http://casualtygamer.com/2008/08/browser-based-gaming-ikariam-review/

    So I just got into this free web based game. It's a real gem too. It's a pure strategy game. I never really played Civ4, but its possible its more of a stripped down web based version. I've never been into these kinds of games, but being a web game, its just convenient enough to try and get into, their tutorials, and guides are really straight forward. http://ikariam.com/index.php

    There is a .com and a .org version, the .org version has many more servers, and the .com version only has 2 servers. Right now there are a few TG guys on the Alpha server at the .com domain. So give it a try! We can form alliances later on, and all kinds of cool stuff. Basically, when you start your given your own town on a island, that you share with other people. You all gather resources from the same location (the saw mill). Your whole island contributes to raising the level of your saw mill, thus allowing for more workers. You also have a luxury resources available, and its completely random on which one you get, either being sulfur, wine, crystal, or marble.
    There is tons more you can do in this awesome little game.

    Here are a couple of screenshots.

    World View
    Island view
    Town view (my town)
    Town hall statistics
    Research Advisor Information
    Military Combat Report

    Here is a mini-review a TG member posted.

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