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Cloning ancient life forms

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    If a good sample of dinosaur DNA were found intact, could we make a clone? I know that the chances of finding intact complete DNA of a dinosaur is slim. A researcher recently claimed to have found likely dinosaur dna, although not complete enough for any hopes of cloning or anything.

    The 5,000 year old ice man is clonable yeah? Is it possible to one day find a dinosaur frozen in a glacier with intact complete chains of DNA? With all this global warming going on, maybe we find more ancient creatures frozen in ice right?
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    Given the current state of technology, even if you had an intact strand of somatic cell DNA, without an ovum from the same species to inject it into, and a proper environment to grow that ovum in (could any extant bird or reptile egg provide all the right nutrients?), it's not possible. Whether it ever might be, that would require too much speculation to consider at this time. And whether it would ever be considered ethical/ecologically sound to do something that would reintroduce extinct species is another debate entirely.
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    What if we found a dinosaur egg frozen in a glacier. We would be able to figure out what kind of nutrition it needs.

    What would be the condition of a 60 million year old dinosaur frozen in ice similar to how the iceman was frozen?
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    Andy Resnick

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    Aren't some people trying to do genetic analysis of Neanderthals? How is that being done?
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    Search engines are your friend. This reference describes that DNA was extracted from bones of Neaderthal and found evidence that strongly suggests some Neanderthals had red hair and fair skin.
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