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    Could you tell me how far we have reached in idebate with peole who are against cloning in biology ? Where can I find some information on this ??? Thanks

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    You can find the opinions of this forum about halfway down the thread listing page, here.
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    Sorry I didn't see it haflway down teh thread listing page, or because so many people post so many a question or topic to discuss during the day, its like a web created then people might think I am the one to create it, I dont know but
    heck !!! I really still have the one who call me bunny in my mind so far.

    I try so may way to think of why DO THEY CLONE to make things worse or better.
    Why do they like cloning ? That darn monkey with a software protection for New Year resolution I have read smewhere is really an arse

    Thank you very much, I will refer to your link. Again thanks!
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    When it comes to the 'STRUCTURAL AND FUNCTIONAL PROGRESS' and 'SUBSEQUENT AND FINAL SURVIVAL OF THE HUMAN RACE, we would sooner or later have to confront it head on and start to look at the whole project in a more intelligible way. Yes, we are naturally entitled to hold our individual private beliefs as sources of strengths, hopes and aspirations, but never at any point in time should we allow this to obstruct the above project that inevitably must be approached and executed objectively with the most sophisticated and clearest intellecutual rigour. As the project approaches its critical moment, we cannot afford to muddle things up via our silly prides and private prejudices. We must be very clear and consistent in our minds and deeds and continue to do so.

    The project would have two fundamental parts:


    This will include all the things that we have already been scientifically doing, from finding cures and vacines for all kinds of diseases, cloning for spare parts, cloning for self-replacement, cloning for desinger-parts, the GENO Project, to finding new engineering ways of building natural disasters-resistant infrastructures in our towns and cities. This would constitute the 'LEARNING PART OF THE PROJECT' and nothing more. The data for this part of the project would collect over a reasonable period of time towards that final moment of fully understanding how we are naturally configured to function the way that we are currently doing.


    This means exactly what it says: scientifically eliminating all the means by which we die, using the information obtained from (1). It is not going to be an easy decision to make. Make no mistake about that. For it is probably one of the most difficult and heart-breaking decision we would ever have to make. And I am not ignoring the fact that we may be so psychologically traumatised and pushed to the limit where we may very well have to abandon the whole project altogether. This possibility is not ruled out either. Equally, we would be very foolish and suicide-drunk not to do it, if such scientific information and technology became available to us.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: In the end it all boils down to both our collective choice and individual choices. Should such a technology ever become evailable to us, it is unquestionable one most important decision that we would have to make. No one is going to make this decision for us and it is not the sort of decision that anyone can force upon his/her fellow being either. Yet, we will have to look each other in the eye and bravely make that decisions for ourselves (and God forbid bad thing, and let us also hope that violent and evil alien spiecis with superior technology don't get here first and possibly enslave or wipe us out before we even get the chance to make such a crucial and life-critcal decision). The other option is that we could equally opt for the option of doing nothing, going with the flow, and merely hoping that nothing catastrophic happens to render the human race extinct. It is stiill an option and no one should deny us this option either.

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