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Closed loop drive system

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    Ranger Mike

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    Hello, I have a few questions regarding machine tool drive and feed back system.
    Say I have a 1 meter long guide way and a carriage that is driven by DC motor. This carriage glides on air bearings.
    The drive mechanism has pinch rollers that pinch a drive rod and these rollers are driven by the dc motor.
    I have linear positioning scales attached for precise linear positioning.
    I have a mechanical switch that will trigger once it makes contact with a fixed mechanical stop at the end of the meter travel.
    This signal goes to a dedicated PC where software provides feed back to the drive motor.
    How is the processed linear position going to vary versus the true linear position?
    Is there has to be a certain signal lag time due to linear position signal being processed ?
    Will heat effect the true signal accuracy of the scales?
    Will motor drive noise add to error of the system?
    If a software program is written to slow the motor prior to contacting the mechanical stop, would this increase signal lag time?
    How can I get the most accurate and precise 1000 mm distance movement with this system?

    I appreciate any reply as I am not well versed in this discipline.

    Thank you
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