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Closed Thread Symbol

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    It's my own fault for being sloppy, (and my vision isn't superb)—I keep reading through threads with the intent of posting, then getting to the end and realizing that they're closed. I'm just wondering if the "Closed" sign could be made a little more prominent, such as by changing the colour.
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    While I'm at it, what is that "Auto Sign In" button on the opening screen? Since it appears to do nothing, I have speculated that it's the same as the old "Remember Me" button. Is that correct?
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    Fair enough, but we don't want the forum display page to be obnoxious with color. Just because a thread is closed, doesn't make it unworthy to read.

    Yes it is the remember me function.
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    Okay, thanks Greg.
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    Uhm I often can't tell when a thread is closed either. :redface:

    We used to have icons at the beginning of each thread that showed the thread status. Now they're gone.
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    Perhaps make the closed icon black? Grey on lighter grey is a bit hard to see sometimes (depending on the contrast of my monitor).
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    I thought the closed sign had been removed! I'll take a closer look.
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    I just clicked on this thread -


    Before I clicked on it, it *clearly* did not have a closed symbol on it.

    I opened it and saw it had been closed - and it had been closed hours before I clicked on it. I went back to General Discussion, and then I saw the closed symbol on the thread. I'm 100% certain it wasn't there before I opened it.

    So does the thread have to be opened in order to see the closed thread?
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    I can confirm this bug.


    After I opened the thread, it got the "closed" symbol.
    It is interesting that it did not have the "new post" symbol.

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    From some discussions previously in the Mentor forums, the display of the closed icon is browser-specific (it is invisible white on white for me with IE), and in the top view, it does not show at all for search results pages...
  12. May 18, 2013 #11
    Would you consider putting the whole word "Closed" or "Locked" rather than just the letter C? I think that would minimize confusion, and wouldn't be any more obtrusive than the word "Sticky" for a sticky thread.
  13. May 20, 2013 #12


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    Greg, any chances general list of the new posts (Get Posts/New Posts from the forum menu) will have same set of symbols lists in subforums have? There is no C for closed thread, and the symbol for threads I posted in is sometimes missing when there are several other symbols present.
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