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Closest thing to monopoles

  1. Nov 9, 2008 #1
    Who ever is looking for a design that comes closest to a monopole, this is very possible. I was never looking for the ellusive monopole. I was trying to design an exterior magnetic field, which, I found, already existed, I just needed to modify it to make it stronger for my magnetic pulse/field receiver/sensor...don't know yet.

    I apologize for not expanding on either the exterior field or the design of what I fell into. All I can say for now is, because this Physics forum has helped me in this pursuit. Is, many thanks to Xez and Berkeman and all other posts that lead to it. I assure you that we all, everyone will benifit.

    Thanks again everyone.

    P.S. It's much simpler than we are imagining. But than again, isn't everything that way once we understand it better?
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