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Closing IE with game running

  1. Nov 9, 2005 #1
    question. Is it a good idea to use ctl+alt+del to shut down Internet Explorer
    while running a video game? The intent would be to save system resources.
    If it matters, the game is Fallout Tactics and I run windows XP.

    I tried it and it worked, except for the fact that I couldn't restart internet explorer. I had to reboot.
    When I did, my mouse cursor wouldn't move. Restarted again and the mouse still didn't work. A third time and the mouse is working now. I don't know if this mouse problem is relevent or not, it sometimes does this when I reboot.

    If I do shut down IE, how would I start it up again? I can't really navigate my way to the executable file.

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    Generally its not a good idea to even use IE.
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    explorer.exe isn't the same thing as iexplorer.exe

    explorer.exe is the frontend GUI you see
    iexplorer.exe is the browser
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    thank you for specifying, Dduardo. I closed explorer.exe, lol. I see that's now a good idea.
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