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News Closing Iraqi embassies worldwide

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    Is that a right, or usual thing to do?

    I heard that Bush is asking countries to force closure of Iraqi Embassies and Consulates. France, Germany and the Netherlands have denied Bush's request (surprising since dutch government DID give political support to the US).
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    It seems premature because the "war" has not been won yet. But assuming that Saddam Hussein will be overthrown, it means that he and his cronies no longer run the country and therefore the diplomats in Iraqi embassies around the world no longer represent the new Iraq. The new government, or whatever system will be in place, will be the one to appoint new ambassadors and diplomatic staff.
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    Well , This Is The First Time I Hear Of Such Request , But As Everyone Was Sure Of , The Jordanian Government Refused To Close The Iraqi Embassy Here .
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    The US certainly has the right to ask, and other nations have the right to deny the request.

    It is unusual, but so is the removal of one nation's government by another. I think there are two reasons for the request.

    The US has stated that it believes that many Iraqi diplomatic personnel are intelligence officers who might engage in terrorist acts against the US consulates and embassies. Saddam Hussein has called upon all Muslims to attack the US wherever they can, but I doubt these diplomatic workers will do so. I don't think anyone is anxious to go out on a limb for Saddam right now.

    The other reason would be to pave the way of regime change. A new Iraqi government will appoint new ambassadors. In the interim, the old ambassadors could cause trouble.

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