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Closing Threads!

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    I'm new to this forum and I wonder when and why some threads are closed and who is doing it? Why was for instance the thread "Answer to Ivan 2" closed? Does it have to do with what you are allowed to write and not!
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    Threads that are addressed to a single person, or with the intent of having a discussion with one person are not allowed, that is what private messaging is for.

    A thread can be closed for numerous reasons. The most common reasons are threads that are meant to flame, the content has no merit, the content is already discussed in another thread, the thread is not progressing (circular arguments), inappropriate content, etc...
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    Ivan Seeking

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    Hi lundq,
    As a rule I don't close many threads. Please feel free to post. :smile:
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    It would be useful to have these rules made available, or perhaps they are and I just haven't seen them. They seem to make sense, and would probably save a lot of confusion if users knew what they are. It feels unfair when you are confronted with a rule you didn't know existed.
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    The rules are in the PF Guidelines which new members are advised to read when they register. Here is the link https://www.physicsforums.com/showthread.php?t=5374

    Here are the specific infractions I listed.

    PM Guidelines:
    If exclusively personal contact is needed, use the Private Message system. Do not post a topic where only one member is expected to answer.

    Contact Guidelines:
    When contacting me (Greg) or a specific mentor please make use of our Private Message system or email us. Do not post a topic in a forum regarding your situation.

    Language Guidelines:
    Any foul or hostile language used in Physics Forums will not be tolerated. This includes any derogatory statements and profanity. Direct or indirect personal attacks are strictly not permitted. Insults and negative attitudes are not allowed. It is better to walk away from a possible confontation and come back with constructive arguments.

    Posting Guidelines:
    When posting a new topic, please select the forum that best relates to the subject matter of your topic. If you are unsure, contact a mentor or the admin. Redundant topics are not allowed and are considered spam.

    All messages express the views of the author, not necessarily the views of the forum owners. The owners and mentors of Physics Forums reserve the right to remove, edit, move or close any thread for any reason.

    Disciplinary Action:
    If any of the above is violated a warning will be issued to the offending member. A 2nd violation will result in a two week ban. If a third violation occurs, the offending member will be permanently removed from Physics Forums.

    As you can see, Ivan has been overly tolerant.
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    Read the posting guidelines in the PF community forum.
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    Ivan Seeking

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    We want everyone to have the chance to make their case but I usually do close threads where: Specific, easily testable claims are made with no evidence to support them, the claim is known beyond all doubt to be nonsense, the discussion has spiraled out of control, the discussion becomes too abusive, or if the discussion degenerates into gibberish.
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