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Closure of topic

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    My post to Global Climate Change and Scientific Proof generated some disagreement so I tried to reply. This produced a message from Greg Bernhardt stating "Closing this necro'd post." This action mades it impossible for me to reply.

    Is the Physics Forum into censoring views that are inconsistent with those of its gate-keepers?
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    One responded to a thread that is over two years old.

    There are more recent threads on essentially the same topic.
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    As a newbie you should show a little more respect to the people who run this forum.
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    The current situation is that my post plus a number of replies are posted on that particular thread. Can we a) reopen the thread or b) attach this thread to another one to preserve the conversation and allow for additions to it?
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    The conversation ended over two years ago. You are welcome to start a new topic presenting your thoughts.
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    When you say the conversation ended over two years ago, you are mistaken. There have been a number of postings in the past hour. If you close the thread, you close an existing, lively conversation. Can you reopen it?
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    It will not be reopened. Please start a new thread.
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