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Closure type

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    What is a "closure type"?

    I first encountered it by looking at the source of the uBLAS package from boost.org -- it's essentially an implementation of the BLAS using expression templates.

    I noticed that a lot of the classes have a nested typedef called "closure_type" (and a "const_closure_type"), and I've never heard of such a thing.

    Also, a couple of the classes define a "same_closure" member function which simply tests for identity. For example, from the "scalar_value" class:
    Code (Text):

            bool same_closure (const scalar_value &sv) const {
                return this == &sv;    // self closing on instances value
    And I haven't yet managed to discover the purpose of such a thing by looking through the source code, nor by googling for "closure type". (I get hits on closure type, but not enough info to infer what such a thing is, and the point of it)

    Does anyone here know?
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    Because it's a non-standard coding to establish parameters to terminate an argument.
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    Could you say that again?
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