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Cloud chamber

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    [?] I'm thinking of building a simple cloud chamber in order to detect small particles such as muons, neutrinos, and the like. I have read some handbooks but I would be grateful if someone could lend me a hand by providing some instructions. I only have three months to prepare this so I need the infotmation as a matter o urgency. Thank you all.
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    Apperently no one here can build one.
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    rastafari II

    Mr kaku in one of his books said that he built one when he was young and it took a mad amount of copper wire. i dont think you can detect nuetrinos unless you got a old salt mine 50 miles deep and some crazy ill photonic tubes to detect them. thats a grip of loot. i wanted to build a bubble chamber too. but i figured that its probly too big to put in my house and it might erase every video tape on the block.
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    Boy Scout Merit Badge requirements

    It must not be too hard. It's one of the options that fulfils the activity requirement for the Boy Scout Merit Badge.
    http://www.meritbadge.com/bsa/mb/024.htm [Broken]

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    yeah but those boyscouts are all like, supernuclear physicists these days. and they
    are all backed by bill gates with secret funding from the military. who do you think
    pays for all those platinum plated badges?
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    Cloud Chamber Answer

    I recently built one of these mechanisms myself. It took only a few hours to construct. If you still need some help or advice, I'd be glad to help you out. Please reply if ya need some :biggrin:
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    What Dr. Kaku said in his book Hyperspace is that the betatron he built in his family's garage took all that wire and dimmed the house lights when it was turned on. I believe he also built a cloud chamber, but it wasn't such a heroic project. If you can get the book The Amateur Scientist by Stong, it tells you how to build several different cloud chambers, from very simple to pretty good.
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    Easy! Did this at school. Great fun playing with the dry ice....

    http://www.lns.cornell.edu/~adf4/cloud.html [Broken]

    Good luck catching those neutrinos by the way...
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