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Cloud service

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    Lately I'm noticing my laptop is getting old.

    As I don't have money to buy a new one I figured I'd recycle an old(er) desktop PC.
    My plan is to use it for running more intensive programs on this machine.

    Does anybody have some information regarding this?
    I'm using openSuse linux already so connecting should be easy once I set up SSH.

    A second stage might be setting up my own storage cloud. Since using dropbox has been proven to not be entirely trivial on openSuse this might be a welcome alternative.

    I've found some results but nothing really useful (ownCloud for example).
    Even google keywords are useful.

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    I'm sure your question is clear in your own mind but I find your post to be near incoherent. I think you'll get better answers if you can be more clear about just what the situation is and what you are trying to do.
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    The problem is your computer will have to stay on all the time, so your better off just using dropbox, its cheap, and you can combine it with other services such as mega that give you lots of free storage space
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    Okay let me clarify.
    I was wondering how I would go about setting up a sort of computing node.
    Often I run intensive simulations, mostly on my laptop because I can't afford time on the high performance cluster.
    Another intensive task I sometimes (once or twice a month) run is using OCR software on PDFs to make them searchable.

    The problem with that is twofold, first of my laptop gets slow(er) so my other activities suffer from that.
    Second, I can tell my CPU is having a hard time. It runs quite hot at those moments and the fans are working overtime (I regularly remove dust so that's not the issue)

    My idea was using an older desktop computer(laptop is 3 years vs a 4 year old desktop) to run these more intensive tasks.
    I'm looking for some information about setting up a node to do all this.

    A second stage might be setting up a cloud storage service for myself. But this is for the (distant) future.
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    I know what you are asking, but this is more of a feature of UNIX mini computers rather than what we have available on microcomputers. While this can sort of be done in VMWare, I have never seen it implemented well and last I saw it was still buggy. Granted it has been a few years since I work in virtual environments, it was never its primary function, more of an additional feature. VMWare is really more for generating multiple virtual computers on a single computer rather than clustering nodes, and really not good for older slow computers. Most common old school style clustering is for servers, such as having a web server on one node and a database server on another node. No actual processes get passed between the nodes, only data.While I have never used it, I have heard a lot of good things about the Beowolf Cluster. Older technology predating what we call virtual environments, so it might work on older computers such as you are describing.

    Beowolf Cluster

    Building a Beowolf Cluster
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