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Clutch design

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    i'm in my first yr of mech eng and i have to deisgn a clutch system in a car.
    i've gotten all the main formulas for the time required for a clutching operation, energy dissipation and change in temp of the clutch disc. however for these i need the moment of inertia of the flywheel and output shaft. the formula is I = Mk^2 where k is the radius of gyration. i cant seem to find an approximate value of k. if the flywheel was circular i could have solved it but in this case it is non-circular. can anyone please help me out?
    as this is my first yr, they are looking for approximations of values. i have taken a couple of approximations, can anyone tell me if these are good enough. for the mass of the flywheel i searched online an approx value and for a steel based flywheel to be 6.8kg.
    the output shaft diameter i have taken as 10 cm? and what would the mass of the output shaft be?
    can anyone please tell me if these values are good enough?
    thanks in advance.

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