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CMBR as blackbody

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    I know the CMBR temperature was approximately predicted by Alpher ,Herman and Gamow around 1948, but I can't locate a source specifying when and how the blackbody form of the CMBR was predicted.
    Does anybody have this information?

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    How about this:
    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Discovery_of_cosmic_microwave_background_radiatio [Broken]


    Basically, the early universe was hot plasma and hot plasma emits a black body spectrum of radiation. When it cooled below a certain temperature and matter started to condense into atoms, it became transparent. That temperature is the temperature at which the radiation was then released to travel unabated through the universe as the CMB.
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    Yes, I read that in wikipedia. But that is not what I asked, I was interested in knowing if and when someone, before CMBR was detected, had specifically predicted the almost perfect blackbody quality of this radiation. It is more of a cosmology history question than a conceptual question.
    Perhaps somebody has studied this in this cosmology forum?
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