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CMBR - multiple detections of the same 'spots'?

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    COBE first detected the µK components, though the team cautioned against interpreting any particular hot or cold 'spot' as real.

    Many independent observations of the CMBR have been made since then (Wayne Hu has a nice website which seems to be pretty comprehensive), including the much-discussed WMAP.

    What papers have been published on the extent to which particular spots have been observed by different teams/instruments/missions?
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    No one has attempted this to my knowledge, Nereid. I would assume the CMBR intensity would be fairly constant, if not of local origin.
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    I belive that same spots have been detected by different telescopes. Otherwise things like correlations between clusters and Sunyaev-Zeldovich effect would not be possible at all, and this has been actually done. There are very interesting examples of this. I guess that the CMB maps of different telescopes look very similar, and not only statistically similar.
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