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CMOS coupling to data processor for experiment

  1. Oct 20, 2009 #1
    In a spectroscopy experiment proposal I am working on, I had the idea to use a CMOS Image sensor (monochromatic) coupled to an interferometer to record data of the O2 green line in the atmosphere. In my ignorance, I cannot seem to figure out what kind of data processor I should attach to the CMOS output, as I only want to record the doppler shift of the O2 green line. The dataprocessor would of course be part of a circuit that has RAM, but it does have to be low power as we are limited in the amount we may use. Would an image processor work, or will that just send the image through but not the wavelength/frequency?

    Also, is it a smart move to choose a monochromatic sensor, or should I use an RGB sensor (it doesn't make sense to me to take advantage of the full spectrum when I only need the green line).

    Thank you
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