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Homework Help: CMOS over pMOS and nMOS

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    we know that,
    CMOS is used rather than NMOS and PMOS for greater speed of operation.
    using PMOS and NMOS together for CMOS structure,
    how can we operate it for greater speed?

    :::: in CMOS structure, P and NMOS are shown one beside another.(for many cases,though there are many other structural views).
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    The motivation for using CMOS over NMOS or PMOS alone is really to save power, not to increase speed. Does this answer your question?
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    I am sorry.
    CMOS is used for less power dissipation.

    how p and nMOS both manage to reduce power dissipation?
    what is the logic behind it?
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    Take a look at the Wikipedia on CMOS. It has a nice overview of why CMOS is generally superior to NMOS or PMOS alone.
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