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Cmos power dissipation

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    I want to estimate the power of a CMOS inverter circuit. I want to ask that is there any software for simulation purpose to give the power of CMOS inverter.

    The second problem I have is that when you calculate the dynamic power of CMOS
    dynamic power = Vdd2*CL*f
    This dynamic power depends upon the parasitic capacitance . The total parasitic capacitance is equal to sum of internal capacitances of the CMOS + wire + load.

    I am using 0.12um technology to implement my circuit. My question is about wire capacitance that how to determine the wire capacitance for given technology .
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    Welcome to the PF. You can use SPICE to simulate the inverter circuit. You will need the modeling parameters from your particular IC process, however. Those should be available to you -- you can generally get them from the IC fab vendor.
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    can u tell me any freeware for simulation.
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