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Cnc turning

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    could anyone help me with cnc turning process, diagram of machine. it be better if you can give me manual book about it. i need to learn about cnc from introduction and part of that machine. I'm new in this course.
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    Welcome to the forum.

    Are you wanting to understand the computer language that the CNC machines use, such as G and M code or just CNC machines in general?

    There are a wide variety of CNC machines ranging from sophisticated 5 axis - drilling and vertical/horizontal milling machines to lathes and cutters.

    Here is a link to the CNC forum.


    Hope that helps.

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    can help me to fine the diagram of machine part and the free simulation software
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    What type of CNC machine? A diagram of what? The cooling flow system, the working head, etc...

    Please provide information that will actually allow someone to help you.

    What are you asking for? You don't use a CNC machine to perform simulations.

    Again, provide information that will actually allow someone to help you.

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