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CNO Cycle

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    Dear PF Forum,
    Is this picture correct?
    Or it is not CNO Cycle?
    I get that video from this

    Thanks for any answer
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    The CNO cycle involves nitrogen rather than neon.
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    Yep, I think it makes more sense.

    Carbon -> Nitrogen -> Oxygen
    12 -> 14 -> 16
    But I've seen it twice if not three times on youtube on diferent videos.
    So perhaps what they actually mean is alpha process?
    Carbon + He4 -> Oxygen
    Oxygen + He4 -> Neon?


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    The CNO cycle produces 4He, not consumes it. There are intermediate stages involving neon in some variations of the CNO cycles, but these only occur at very high temperatures. The basic cycle is carbon>nitrogen>oxygen>carbon, the full reaction is given on the CNO cycle wiki page.
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    That picture is not the CNO cycle, which, as Vagn pointed out, converts hydrogen to helium in a multi-step process.

    Actually I think the picture is referring to the triple alpha process, then the carbon burning process, and then the neon burning process.

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