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CO2 air gun

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    I am trying to make a co2 air gun and was wondering if jb weld can hold the pressure from the 12g co2 cartridge in this set up with a co2 bike pump connected to a valve that can wothstand the pressure ImageUploadedByPhysics Forums1464048079.926180.jpg
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    Where is the JB Weld? Use metal threaded fittings with thread tape to help seal the joints. Just like you would hook things up at the output of an air compressor...
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    i havent put the jb weld on yet, i will put it on the red threads then screw it in after i know it can withstand the pressure.
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    This co2 bike pump can pump out air at different rates, i want to use this for an air gun but i am a bit unsure about the amount of pressure that my parts can handles so i want to stay within 100-150 psi and co2 is like 850psi, so if i use this bike pump and open it like a quarter turn or something, can i achieve a lower psi or will the chamber it's releasing co2 into just fill up to 850psi more slowly
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