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CO2 gas diffusion into a cell factory

  1. Jul 18, 2010 #1
    I have to pick the best cell culture vessel:
    For my experiments, the vessel initially contains 0% CO2. Then it's placed in an incubator set to 37 degreesC and 5% CO2. There is a 1 micron filter i can attach to a port in the vessel that can be 10mm wide or a .2 micron filter can be attached to a port that is 26mm wide. Experimentally the vessel with the 26mm port proves to be better as more cells survive--probably because CO2 diffuses quicker (I assume)--and 5%CO2 is necessary for the cells. I'm just not able to justify the result--can anyone please explain why this might be occuring based on any theories like brownian motion or bernoulli's principle maybe?? Basically I need some kind of an equation that justies that the volumetric flow rate is much faster/better in the vessel that has a 26mm port instead of the 10mm ports (regardless of the filter device--which probably acts as resistance).
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