Coating silver with ceramics

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I would like to find out more about low-temperature processing ceramics.
I'm a product designer and I am working on covering silver objects with ceramics but I am having some problems combining the two materials.

Can anyone help me?
What are you trying to coat the silver with? I suspect you'll have a hard time getting a good interface. More information would be helpful.
I'm trying to coat a silver palte with a thin ceramic shell. This ceramic shell would act as the pachage and in order to achieve the object you would have to break this ceramic package.
I've learn that ceramic and metal are difficult to combine specially when heated up together.
Some what I'm looking for is some kind of low temperature cooking ceramic (or plastic with similar breaking properties).
It will probably have to be a middle layer between the silver and the ceramic material in order to facilitate the peeling of the ceramic and gurantee the fine finishing of the silver.

thank you for your time :)

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