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Cocentric circles

  1. Nov 21, 2003 #1
    a man jumps out of a plane w/ a parachute at 1000m above a spherical planet (point A). He sees a satellite rise at the eatern horizon. Standing 2 m above surface of the planet (equator)(point B), the satellite re-appears 1.5 minutes after he saw it at 1000 m above sea level. From this point, the satellites position is exactly corresponding to a 90 degree angle from the zenith, ie, point B = middle of the planet. The difference in angle between radius of small planet+2 and radius+1000 is 1.35 degrees. Similary, 90 degree altering of position for satellite takes 100 minutes.
    What is the radius of the planet?
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    This sounds like a homework problem to me... Perhaps it should be moved to the Homework help section?
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