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Medical Cod liver Oil Capsules

  1. Oct 27, 2008 #1
    I have been constantly advised to take cod liver oil capsules to relieve rheumatic and arthritic joint pains. Is this a proven theraputic fact, and/or does it have any scientific basis?

    I know people who swear by them, but having used them daily for the past six months, I feel just the same - no improvement.
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    Ivan Seeking

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    Thankyou, Ivan, for your response to my question.

    Er...., I'm not really clever enough to be able to understand the responses, but I think that they are saying 'Yes' and 'No'. ???

    Perhaps I should question my own doctor a little more. When I mentioned that I have been taking them for some months, he raised his eyebrow in a James Bond manner, gave a little grunt, and did not offer to elaborate.
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    Ivan Seeking

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    I couldn't get a good read on this, but it appeared that the more recent studies suggest that there is a connection. Most also seemed to agree that we don't understand the mechanism.
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    How much do you take Hanfonius? I take 10g a day of fish oil.
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    dangit. copied from the other thread:

    wrt cod liver oil, i've experienced significant reductions in inflammation while using dosing as described in this paper.

    http://www.pubmedcentral.nih.gov/art...medid=16542466 [Broken]

    so i was taking 1 tablespoon of Twinlabs non-emulsified cod liver oil, per day. fwiw, there is some controversy over whether some sources of omega-3 fatty acids are superior to others. that is, some are in triglyceride form, processed oils are in ester form, and krill oil is in a phospholipid form. krill also have those chemicals that give salmon its pink/orange color, and some benefits are being claimed for those as well.

    if you want to experiment on yourself, tho, make sure you're not on blood thinning medications. there can be side effects.
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    I take one 400mg Cod Live Oil capsule each morning.

    Additionally, following up from the next post by Proton Soup, I also take one 81mg Aspirin because I have been told that it could help to prevent heart attacks and strokes (I'm a pensioner). I have never experienced either. Hmmm, doesn't that count as a blood thinner?

    In today's newspaper, I have read that statins camouflage blood tests for prostrate cancer. I have a very marginal cholesterol high reading, but again, I've been told that this drug can put off Alseimer's.

    I'm getting a bit neurotic about these 'minor' drugs.
    ... I wonder if there's a pill I can take to stop me worrying about them?
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    which drug can put off alzheimer's?

    400mg of fish oil is nothing, really. and i'm not sure about the magnitude of a baby aspirin versus 14 or 15g of fish oil. might want to ask the doc about that, i was thinking more along the line of heparin or coumarin as a blood thinner. in any case, i think they do ask you to go off fish oil before going in for surgery.

    but in general, the DHA in fish oil is an essential nutrient, so even if you don't take large doses in an attempt to lower inflammation, the amount you're taking now is nothing to worry about.
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    Thanks again, Proton.

    I have always considered myself to be immortal, and so far, so good.

    My doctor did confirm that there is evidence that statins can delay the onset of Alzheimers, and although neither of us are worried about my cholesterol levels (now just under 5), it wouldn't do any harm to continue with them.

    I believe that I read somewhere that the National Health Service in the UK would like to prescribe statins to all patients over the age of 60 (or 65).
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    hmm, don't know that much about statins, except that my mother quit taking Lipitor because of muscle pain. not everyone reacts the same, though. fwiw, her HDL is actually pretty high, so i'm not sure why the doc put her on that.
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    Thankyou, Evo, for an excellent summarising for this topic.

    Thankyou, also, to the other contributors for your contributions.
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    I think Evo's post touches on the issue that popped into my mind reading the "yes and no" answers above. It might depend on the cause of the arthritis in the first place. Perhaps some people experience rheumatoid arthritic symptoms due to an underlying nutrient deficiency messing with their immune functions, and they can benefit from the supplement (I'm just hand waving here) while others have other causes for their disease that don't benefit.

    It sounds like there are some "risk" factors you need to be aware of, and avoid it if you have those, but otherwise, can try it and see if it works...if it does, great, if not, oh well, no worse than if you hadn't tried. But maybe someone should look into supplementing the vitamins in fish oil and see if it's really that the vitamins are doing the heavy lifting there, not something special about the type of oil.
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    if you're worried about the vitamin A, then just use an oil with out it. one option is to avoid oil from the liver altogether and use a fish body oil. another option is that some cod liver oil products are refined, the vitamin A removed, and sometimes replaced with beta carotene, a water soluble version of A that will not accumulate.

    or, you could just eat a lot of oily fish, like salmon or sardines. if you're a non-piscavore vegetarian, you could take DHA tablets from algae. not cheap, but fish-friendly.
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