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Code ASTM D394-47(B)

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    Has anybody heard of this code, ASTM D394-47(B)?
    I can only find ASTM D394-59(1965) and it as already withdrawn at 1969.
    Thank you!
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    I looked through our specs catalogs and did not find any reference other than the -59. I also did a search of ASTM's web site and nothing comes up there. Are you sure about the nomenclature?
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    Withdrawn standards would not be available in electronic format. That particular standard may have been superceded by another standard.

    One would have to find one of the Standard books from 1947-1950. Standards are reviewed on a cycle of about 4 years, or if someone in the responsible committee sees a need to revise a standard.

    The Linda Hall library might have a copy, but they also tend to discard very old publications. :frown:

    http://www.lindahall.org/services/document_delivery/ [Broken]

    One would have to contact ASTM, or better the sponsoring committee within ASTM regarding this standard or its replacement, if such a replacement exists.
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    I know through IHS that I can view electronic copies of superceded and revised MIL and AS specs. I don't know if that is the same with ASTM though.
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    If it's the abrasion resistance test standard, isn't there a replacement of some kind or one which contains the scope of the old one as well?
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