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Code for study

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    Do you know any code for reactor physics study ?
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    Could you elaborate a bit on what field/aspect you're interested in ?
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    Like PerennialII mentioned, what exactly do you want to do?

    There are commercial core simulator packages like SIMULATE-IIIK (from Studsvik-Scandpower), PRESTO, and one package FORMOSA from North Carolina State University, Electric Power Research Center.

    SIMULATE-IIIK requrires data from the CASMO lattice code (also from Studsvik), and PRESTO (PRESTO-B for BWRs) is used with CPM (CPM-3) lattice code.

    A little background on FORMOSA
    - FORMOSA-P Three-Dimensional/Two-Dimensional Geometry Collapse Methodology purchase the article from ANS.

    FORMOSA-P may be available for a small fee - a lot less than SIMULATE. I believe PRESTO is obsolete. FORMOSA is developed by the group under Paul Turinsky, who is also head of the Nuclear Engineering Department as NCSU.

    One can also do nuclear calculations with MCNP.

    Are you interested in LWR cores, Liquid Metal Fast Reactor (LMFRs), GCR/GCFR's or all three types?

    Additional information -

    PDQ (Group Diffusion Reactor Computation Code)
    ANISN (One-Dimensional Discrete Ordinates Transport Code System with Anisotropic Scattering) - http://www-rsicc.ornl.gov/codes/ccc/ccc2/ccc-254.html

    DOT/DORT/TORT - (conventional radiation transport codes from RSICC)

    Twodant/Threedant/DANTSYS (available from Nuclear Energy Agency (NEA - OECD) or RSICC(IS))
    see - http://www.nea.fr/abs/html/ccc-0547.html [Broken]
    see - http://www-rsicc.ornl.gov/codes/ccc/ccc5/ccc-547.html
    Academic institutions should have access to this package

    PHYSOR conference held every 2 years.

    PHYSOR2002 - http://physor2002.kaist.ac.kr/ [Broken] - International Conference on the
    New Frontiers of Nuclear Technology : Reactor Physics, Safety and High-Performance Computing
    PHYSOR2004 - http://www.physor2004.anl.gov/ [Broken] - The Physics of Fuel Cycles and Advanced Nuclear Systems: Global Developments
    PHYSOR2006 - http://www.cns-snc.ca/physor2006/physor2006.html [Broken]

    Vendor proprietary reactor core physics packages

    PHOENIX/ANC - BNFL/Westinghouse (Alpha/Phoenix/ANC) for PWRs

    TGBLA-6/PANACEA-11 - GE/GNF for BWRs

    WIMS/ PANTHER - British Energy/Tractebel.for PWR - see [URL [Broken] OF WIMS/PANTHER CALCULATIONS WITH

    PHOENIX/POLCA-7 or CASMO-4/POLCA-7 for BWRs - see VTT- http://www.vtt.fi/inf/pdf/symposiums/2003/S230.pdf
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    MCNP Code

    How i can get Registered version of Reactor code MCNP to utilize it for research purposes?
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    One should be able to obtain MNCP from Radiation Shielding Information Computational Center (RSICC) or OECD-Nuclear Energy Agency (NEA).

    http://www-rsicc.ornl.gov/codes/ccc/ccc7/ccc-710.html or


    One must request the code. However, access may be restricted to academic and scientific institutions.
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    I am a novice, then I care about some free codes for students. I am caring about some code to compute reactor physics like neutron distribution, lattice calculation, thermohydro calculation ... Thanks for the above news, anyway.
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