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Code Of Ethics

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    Can someone please tell me where I may find a page with the 'Code of Ethics' for Physics? In my Humanities class, we are required to bring in a copy of the code of ethics for our major....and mine is Physics; however, I have looked in a few places online with no avail.

    Any help, links, etc. are greatly appreciated.
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    There is no such thing as a "universal" code of ethids for Physics. There is, however, code of ethics and conduct for members of various professional physics organizations throughout various parts of the world. In the US, the physicists professional society is the Americal Physical Society. The code of conduct for APS members can be found at:


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    Exactly what I needed! Thanks a ton!

    I searched the APS and AIP sites this morning for about 10-minutes each and never came across anything by searching. I figured they had to have a code somewhere though.

    Thanks again.
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