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Codes for Stellar Astrophyiscs

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    http://www.cococubed.com/code_pages/codes.shtml [Broken]

    Some journal articles available.
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    i say black holes are the most intresting phase of a red supergiant star.
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    Well, you could say that J20gU3, but black holes are not a "phase" of a red supergiant star.

    - Warren
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    u have start - can't mabe the next one - supergiant - red supergiant - nuteron star and if big enough black hole.
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    No, no,... Supergiant stars are not necessarily red, they can also be white or blue. The sequence must be supergiant (whatever colour it has)-neutron star-black hole. It's interesting to know that the first generation of stars (Population III stars, that had zero-metallicity) were supergiants
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