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Coding program - is it good ?

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    i have built a coding program like 1 year ago

    and now that i kinda studied crythography in class, i was wondering what my coding system is worth (codes text)

    i wont give too much details, but my program ,

    first : replaces every character by a 7 bits (sequence of seven 0s or 1s)
    then inverts
    then codes every 4 bits with a new character

    http://thomas.lextrait.com/jpc/vbr/jpccoder.zip [Broken]

    (my name is not thomas lextrait, its one of my friends servers lol)
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    That'll work depending on the character encoding that you're using. Unicode for example, even with UTF-8 has more characters than you can store in 7 bits, so you'd be unable to get back the original string unless you restrict its usage to ASCII.

    In any case, when you "code every 4 bits with a new character" you're just pretty much inserting 0000 every 4 bits, which is not very sophisticated, as is the inversion.

    I would rather use some existing cryptography libraries, such as .NETs System.Security.Cryptography, and use something like Rijndaels or TripleDES.
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    no but what i mean is that

    with my program, if you try :

    - coding "a" and store result as A
    - coding "b" and store result as B

    the result of coding "ab" will not be the same as AB

    further more if you code for example a long text, and that you take away for example a character in the middle of the coded text, the decoded text would be half wrong, and all wrong if it is in the end

    So all these aspects add to my coding program's complexity
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