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Coefficent of drag(egg shaped body)

  1. Jul 24, 2011 #1
    I was wondering if anyone could ballpark a coefficient of drag for a body shaped roughly like an egg, flatter side leading? I figure it ought to be between .5 and 2, but I was hoping for something a little better than that range.
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    Cd values for some simple shapes are here:

    Unless it's a very elongated egg shape, it will be similar to a sphere. The wide range of Cd for a sphere depends on the flow speed and the surface roughness. For low speeds smoother gives less drag, but that is not necessarily the case at high speeds (for example, dimpled golf balls).
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    I think it would be an elongated shape. Possibly even a teardrop or airfoil shape. I'm not entirely sure on the shape.

    I guess a better question to ask is how would one find the coefficient of drag for a given fluid falling in another fluid: For example, a raindrop falling in air?

    How about for a raindrop in hypersonic flight? What shape would a fluid take there?
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