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Homework Help: Coefficient of Friction

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    I got a problem: let's say a car traveling around a circular race track of radius 340m. The lateral acceleration of the car is 1.2g. The roadway of the track is level, not banked. What is the mininum speed at which the car can travel on the track without rolling over? What is the minimum coefficient of friction needed between the tires and the roadway so the car will not slide out. I tried my best was unable to solved this one.
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    What exactly did you try?
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    Well, I know how to solve it now.

    First I found the max speed

    A=V^2/r where v will equal 64.17 m/s

    Change the units into mi/hr which would be 141.48 then plug it
    Into mg= ma and get 1.24 as the coefficient of friction
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